Semen Sales.

25 May

New Hope Telerama Riley

New Hope Telerama Riley

New Hope Saintyorre Uno

New Hope Saintyorre Uno


Semen is available from these bulls from Genex/CRI Added Attractions program or from New Hope Normandes.  The semen has been collected in a CSS approved facility and can be shipped worldwide.

1.  49NO 0125 New Hope Saintyorre UNO-ET    A0104622

Saintyorre x Madison x Girophare

Super-high milk yield potential from fabulous udders!  Recently tested BB for Kappa casein and A1A2.


2.  49NO 1660 Car-Bon-N Royal Holl RED-ET    A0104533

Royal Holl x Nivea x Gabon

Fancy, show type calves and young cows on the ground that will make long lasting, high component cows.

Red has the highly desirable A2A2 test result.  Very limited semen available.


3.  49NO 1620 New Hope Primate MONTGOMERY-ET     A0104454

Primate x Messager x Highlander

Medium-sized cattle with good production. Docile, easy to work with family.

Full sister made over 22,000 at 2yrs.  A1A2 test result.


4.  6NO 32  New Hope Primate MONROE-ET                    A0104457

Primate x Messager x Highlander

Full brother to Montgomery,  limited semen available at the farm.

His oldest daughters are milking  in their first lactation.  A2A2 test result.


5.  6NO 52  New Hope Redondo MONTANA-ET               A0104451

Redondo x Messager x Highlander

Half brother to Monroe and Montgomery, and full brother to the amazing Monica (954 fat as a 2 yr old!)

Montana should make daughters with very well attached udders. His oldest daughter here is projected over 20,000 as a 2 yr old.


6.  49NO 0135 New Hope Telerama RILEY-ET   A0104826

Telerama x Macula x Indiscute

Riley has a very unique outcross pedigree with solid production.

From what I see should add more strength and width throughout the body. This family has extremely sturdy feet and legs.


                All six bulls are 100% pure Normande originating from elite French Normande herds.  Call or email for more information.  We can ship to your barn door or stop at the farm.

All calves born from these bulls will be eligible to be registered in the

 North American Normande Association Herdbook.

Contact us…

New Hope Normandes

Barb Wogslad

11006 Bestul Road

Scandinavia, WI  54977

Phone: 715 445-4288


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One response to “Semen Sales.

  1. Brigget LeClair

    05/07/2014 at 5:49 PM

    Hello, I am looking for semen for my Jersey. Are you able to send the semen to All Select Sires in Burlington, WA? Also, would a Normande calf be too large for a first freshening? Thanks, Brigget


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